Habitat Soon Accepting Applications For Another Home


Payson Area Habitat for Humanity's 11th house is about half-way to its completion date and next month the open application period for House 13 is planned.

The family for House 12 has already been selected, the Eric Hilgendorf family.

The Family Selection Committee of PAHH is chaired by Tom Behl.

Those families with whom Behl has already spoken will be contacted prior to the opening of the application period.

The application period is from June 20 through July 31. Those interested in applying should call the PAHH office and leave a message, speaking clearly. Call 928-474-0330.

The basic qualifications needed to apply for a PAHH home include:

  • have a housing need -- your present housing is "inadequate"
  • have lived in the Payson area for the last 12 months
  • have a good credit rating and ability to make regular monthly non-interest mortgage payments
  • grant permission for a home visit by Family Selection Committee members
  • be willing to volunteer between 300 to 500 hours of "sweat equity," both in building your home and others and in performing other PAHH volunteer work
  • be able to pay closing costs of $1,300 when your house is transferred to you

Anyone who has applied for a house during prior application periods is encouraged to reapply.

Since PAHH is still in the process of constructing House 11 and has yet to begin House 12, the 13th home will not be started until sometime in late 2005 or early 2006.

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