Override Vote Was A Vote For Strong Future



As superintendent, I want to thank the Payson Unified School District community for their vote of confidence in our school system. The Payson district, although not perfect, was one of the highest performing districts in the state in both academics and extracurricular comparisons. This standard of excellence was in jeopardy.

Due to your generosity and willingness to accept responsibility for the future, the district will recall 17.5 teachers, raise salaries for teachers, classified employees and most administrators to average or above-average, better reach more students, reinstate elementary physical education classes and keep health services and librarians. This is really a vote of support for a strong Payson future.

We now need to continue our efforts to push our legislature to support education consistent with the emphasis indicated by a recent poll of parent attitudes about the Arizona education system. Fifty nine percent of parents felt funding was the biggest problem facing our schools. We must continue to fight the battle, or be in the same situation two years from now.

The first chance to be really heard is again at the ballot box in November. I urge each of you to stay concerned and support pro-education candidates.

Again, from the governing board, staff and students at PUSD -- thank you for your support.

Herb Weissenfels, PUSD Superintendent of Schools

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