State And National Scholarships


The following students received state and national scholarships:

Lauren Bartoli: UofA/Spirit of Discovery $3,998 per year; UofA/UA Achievement Award $1,000 per year

Christina Culligan: Burger King Scholars Program, $1,000; UofA/Spirit of Discovery, $3,998 (renewable); UofA/UA Achievement, $1,000 (renewable)

Adrianna Curtis: Principal's Leadership Award, $1,000

Skylar DeWeese: Elks National Foundation, $1,000; The University of New Mexico, $11,500 (renewable)

Katelyn Evans: College America $7,500

Austin Goss: ASU/Provost Scholar $20,248 (4 years); UofA Spirit of Discovery $3,998 per year; UofA Achievement Award, $1,000

Hillari Hardt: Tom & Nan Elbert Scholarship, $3,500

Whitney Heizer: ASU/Provost Scholar, $20,248 (4 years); Best Buy Children's Foundation, $2,000

William Hoyt: Touchstone Energy/AZ Coaches Association Scholar Athlete Award, $1,000; The Worth & Dot Howard Foundation, $1,000; University of Hawaii at Manoa, $9,888 per year

Kyle Hubbard: Saint Mary's University, $6,000 (renewable)

Ruth Jesus: UofA/Spirit of Discovery, $3,998 (renewable); UofA/UA Achievement Award, $1,000 per year

Trevor LaHaye: Briar Cliff University, $12,537

Jacob Martin: NAU/Blue and Gold Award, $1,992 (renewable)

Ramsey Milam: Central Arizona College Incentive Scholarship, $624 (renewable)

Scarlet Rosholm: UofA/Spirit of Discovery, $3,998 per year; UofA/UA Achievement Award, $1,000 per year

Brennan Shiya: UofA/Red and Blue Achievement Award, $3,998 per year

Kelly Sjonborg: Quincy University's QU Honors Scholarship, $16,625

Staci Scholl: South Mountain Community College Athletic Scholarship, $1,600

Alex Vlahopoulos: Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, $1,500; UofA/President's Award for Excellence, $3,998 (renewable); UofA/UA Achievement, $1,000 (renewable)

Krystle Wagner: ASU/Provost Scholar, $20,248 (4 years)

Brenna Zumbro: Whitworth College, $4,000 (renewable)

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