Let Us Not Dwell On The Negatives



In a couple of weeks, Mayor Ken Murphy will be handing the reins over to Barbara Brewer. Kenny has served Payson for 10 years, as a council member for two terms and mayor for one term.

In his recent years, he has had some controversial situations, but once details were known, he was only doing what he thought was the right thing to do. The decisions made as a council member or mayor is what counts, because it can affect Payson and Paysonites for years to come, but the impact of what a person does socially will last a much shorter time. During his political terms, he sacrificed his time and energy for the good of Payson because he loves this town. He was Pro Rodeo all the way. He knew that this town's heritage was based on the western life of ranching and cowboys. After many other festivals fell by the wayside, Rodeo still brought money to Payson, which in turn helped all Paysonites. This is something I hope our new mayor and council members will heed. If we were to use a balanced scale to measure Ken Murphy's political accomplishments, the plus side would far outweigh the negative. So, as Ken departs, let us not dwell on the negatives, but give credit where credit is due for his positive service to the community.

Ernie Schmidt, Payson

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