Let's Get Our Priorities Straight



With all that is being said and written about the noise at The Door Stop and the Payson Humane Society finding it difficult to relocate near the airport, I decided to investigate the situation myself.

I went to the industrial area near the airport to find out for myself just how noisy Door Stop was.

First of all, I found a lot of folks with a good-paying job making an excellent product. These folks have found a way to provide a good future for their families here in Payson. Isn't that what we all want? I thought the noise was minimal considering that it was an industrial area. I did find the planes a bit noisy, but I was near an airport.

Next, I went to the humane society shelter on McLane. I found caring people truly concerned about their animals. In a town like Payson with so many pet owners, I'm surprised more people haven't spoken out in support of the efforts of the humane society, to build a state-of-the-art shelter on the available site in the industrial area near the airport.

One thing I didn't find at the shelter was any smell. That surprised me. If those folks can do such a great job in the present shelter, I have no doubt that the welfare of these animals is in capable hands.

We have always been a caring, compassionate community. I think it's time that we consider the welfare of these abandoned animals and those who care for them, and also the livelihood and future of those who work at The Door Stop. These should be our priorities.

Donn C. Morris, Payson

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