Override Saves Pe Programs


Payson voters deserve a colossal pat on the back for passing the budget override. With the passage, all of the teaching positions that were to be eliminated are now being staffed. That means, no teacher was laid off.

The physical education positions that were cut a year ago will also be staffed with full-time instructors.

The three elementary schools now have physical education and the middle and high schools no longer have to share a PE teacher.

The return of PE is one of the biggest benefits of passing the override. Our children, whether they are in first grade or in high school, need the benefits of a good physical education program.

I've never understood the thinking that when staff or program cuts are needed, PE is the first to go. PE and health education is as important as any other academic subject in the public school curriculum.

PAHH offers thanks

PAHH 5K run chairman Bob Charameda says Payson can be proud of the effort townspeople put forth to ensure the annual benefit was a success.

According to Charameda, more than 200 runners and walkers from around Arizona turned out for the 5K. Those numbers would make it one of the most popular runs ever held in Payson.

Also, volunteers from around town, including some from local churches, Wal-Mart, Mazatzal Casino, the Tonto Apache Tribe, Julia Randall Elementary School and PAHH, helped out.

PAHH was especially grateful to the casino and tribe.

"These two groups have always been there for us, both financially and as participants," Charameda said. "We need to remember their generosity."

Charameda also thanked the Roundup, KRIM and KMOG for contributing to the cause.

According to the chairman, a complete list of donors and volunteers will be thanked again in a future Roundup.

"Through their generosity of time, money and talents, Payson once again proved it has true character," Charameda said.

All money raised at the run will benefit PAHH and their mission to build affordable housing for members of our community.

Diamondbacks struggle

What's going on? Our beloved Diamondbacks are in the National West cellar and on Tuesday lost for the 14th time in 19 games.

Is it time to panic?

Probably not, but manager Bob Brenly and his players must find a way to turn the tide of the stumbling team.

The Diamondbacks' failures this season have many fans questioning the trade of six players for Richie Sexson, who could be out for the year with an injury.

Making the trade appear even worse is that one of the players traded, Lyle Overbay, was hitting .363 with six home runs and 39 RBIs at midweek.

At midweek, the Milwaukee Brewers, who got six players from the D'Backs, were 22-21 and still in contention for the NL Central Title. The Diamondbacks were 17-28.

Let the second guessing begin.

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