Vehicle Detailer's Business Booming


What started out as a part-time venture for a few acquaintances bloomed into a booming business for Duane Olson in just a matter of months. Olson opened Payson Quality Detailing in November, leaving his work at Chaparral Pines where he was equipment manager and club mechanic.

Now his services are booked three weeks in advance.


Payson Quality Detailing is a one-man operation. Owner Duane Olson said he is particular about the work that his business does, so expects to keep it a one-man show for the foreseeable future.

"I started this about 18 months ago part-time, but it started ballooning, so last November I went into it full time," Olson said.

He is no novice around cars.

"I've been in the automotive business all my life. I had a repair and tire business in Wisconsin for 21 years," he said.

Olson moved to the Rim country six years ago after a customer urged him and his wife to include it in a vacation they were planning to the Flagstaff area.

"A customer, who had just returned from vacation here, said we should go to Payson," he said. "He told us it was a beautiful little town and a lot like where we're from in Wisconsin."

He and his wife followed that advice and liked what they saw.

"We decided to make the move if things sold in Wisconsin," he said.

Right now, Olson is operating his business out of his home in the Stone Creek development, but his house is being sold.

"We want to rent something and get something commercial for the business eventually," he said.

Olson provides varying levels of detailing service, from a basic wash and hand wax to a total, bumper-to-bumper cleaning, inside and out, including the upholstery and the engine.

"I will do anything the customer wants," he said.

He provides follow-up service to maintain the detailing for customers who are interested.

Olson said he can't give a range of prices for his services though.

"I have to see the size of the vehicle and the condition it is in before I will price a job," he said.

Olson said a basic cleaning will take from 10 to 12 hours. He puts in an average of 60 hours a week with the business, which is what he feels makes his service unique.

"It's a very intense cleaning. That's something customers don't realize until they pick up their vehicle," he said.

For more information, call Payson Quality Detailing at (928) 970-1253.

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