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Q: Regarding your May 21 story, "Voters elect town's first woman mayor," wasn't there a woman named Ellen Dudley who served as mayor of Payson in the early 1980s?

A: Ellen Dudley served as vice-mayor from 1978 to 1982. According to town clerk Silvia Smith, the town of Payson has had 11 mayors since the first interim council in 1973 -- all of them men. Here is a list of mayors that preceded the election of Payson's first female mayor, Barbara Brewer:

Ted Pettet (Dec. 12, 1973 to June 14, 1976)

Willard W. Taylor (1976 to 1984)

Gene Quigley (1984 to 1985)

Neil Reynolds (1985 to 1986)

Russell D. Bemler (1986 to 1988)

Ernest (Jack) Bennett (1988 to 1990)

B. Craig Swartwood (1990 to 1994)

Clifford E. Potts (1994 to 1996)

Vern Stiffler (1996 to 2000)

Ray Schum (2000 to 2002)

Kenneth Murphy (2002 to 2004)

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