Double Standards Are Showing



You published an editorial sharply criticizing those people who live outside the Payson town limits who are objecting to drilling in the forest to find more water for the town of Payson. Your editorial said that water belongs to all of us, and implied that these people are selfish, unfair and mean-spirited for not wanting to share with the town of Payson.

Meanwhile, within Payson town limits, there are two private golf courses closed to the public, each of which is using probably a million or so gallons of water per day to water their private greens and fairways. When there is recycled effluent, they use it, but records show there is not nearly enough of that to use all year long, so they are pumping massive quantities of ground water, especially during the hot, dry, summer months of the fire season. Many homes in these golf course estates are second and third homes of people who don't live in Payson all or even most of the year.

Why is it that people who live outside Payson --ostly in the only home they own and can afford, who worry about their wells going dry --re admonished that water belongs to all of us, when those pumping millions of gallons of ground water to water private (i.e. non-shared) recreational property for many people with second and third homes totally escape your criticism for either wasteful usage of water or not sharing with all of us?

T.J. Smith, Payson

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