Due Process Must Run Its Course



I was very disappointed to read Dave Engleman's letter as a response to your story of the Kuenzli/Fish shooting. I hope that the story isn't over yet, and that your newspaper won't let it slip through the cracks. I don't think that Mr. Engleman is in any place to act as a judge or jury before the due process of law has run its full course.

He mentions that he chooses to not carry a firearm when he goes hiking. That's Mr. Engleman's fine choice, and his emotional reaction to the shooting is understandable. But, his attempts to stereotype many other people are extremely juvenile and wrong. Mr. Engleman is in no position to condemn hikers who do go legally armed, and to extend his stereotypes to all of the concealed weapons permit holders in Arizona. It would be similar to stereotyping campers with dogs, and then to extend that to all of the licensed dog owners in Arizona.

Permits to carry concealed weapons are exactly that. They are not some kind of James Bond license to kill. They have nothing to do with games of cowboys and Indians, nor cops and robbers. I'm sure that virtually all concealed weapons permit holders will avoid confrontations, and that they despise firearms abuses as much as everyone else.

All of the circumstances leading up to the dog attack, and to the Fish/Kuenzli shooting, need to be considered, not just some appearance of an inappropriate use of force. I just wish that all campers, dog owners, shooters and hikers alike would be more considerate, cautious and mature.

Jim Berrier, Payson

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