Killing Was Cowardly Act



When Grant Kuenzli camped a few miles east of the Safeway store on Granite Dells, I took my two dogs to his campsite in afternoons.

He saved (chain sawed) large amounts of dead brush from the site. He raked many large bags of gun shells, beer cans and broken glass (beer bottles). The Forest Service came and picked up many black bags of trash. He burned four or five small dead wood piles to clean the area. A Payson fire chief came by once and told him not to burn the fires. He replied, "You don't have jurisdiction here. I do this for the Forest Service."

When relaxed, people run their hand naturally 2/3 clenched. Grant never hollered at people. He hollered as a dog trainer to dogs.

Why did Fish shoot a person three times and kill him -- instead of shooting the attacking dogs?

When a new person walks into a fenced area (dog park) many dogs run up to smell him. Young dogs will jump up for affection (Attack?). Some dogs are barkers. If Mr. Fish is telling truly what happened, one-half of the Bark Park volunteers should be shot -- not once -- three times. Dogs are a smaller target.

Mr. Fish should have many sleepless nights for a cowardly killing of a giver to society.

Bud Matson, Payson

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