Reader's Reasoning Doesn't Hold Up



I am writing in response to Connie Swanson's recent (letter to the editor).She suggested that "35 families" who live near The Door Stop had no right to complain about noise pollution because they had chosen to live near the Payson airport.

It might help to use an analogy to examine the validity of her reasoning.

If a diesel engine truck pulled in front of your house and idled all day, all through the evening, before you got up in the morning, weekdays and weekends both, would you believe it reasonable to complain to the authorities?How would you feel if "someone" living over a mile away from your house publicly stated that the truck driver had the perfect right to pollute your house with noise because his diesel-engine company paid taxes and provided jobs to the town?

What if that same "someone" also publicly said you should have known better than to own a house near a public road and that you ought to move rather than complain?
What if that someone "reasoned" further that because you happen to live in a neighborhood with motorcycle enthusiasts that you had no right to voice a complaint against this new noisemaker parked just off your property?

And finally, what if that "someone" suggests we need more diesel-engine truck companies in front of everyone's house so her property taxes would be lower and Payson would be a better place to live?

The absurdity of this line of thinking is exactly what Ms. Swanson stated in her (letter) supporting the right of business to do whatever it wants in the interest of jobs and taxes. As a group, most residents live in Payson to get away from the noise and pollution of the Valley.

It's no surprise that the owner of The Door Stop chose Pine-Strawberry not Payson for his residence knowing how easy it is for a noisy company to locate in Payson with its ineffective noise ordinance.

Perhaps he also knew how ineffective our town government would be in addressing any complaints he might have if he were in a similar situation to our 35 families.
Fellow residents of Payson, instead of writing (letters) with questionable reasoning, tell your town council to make The Door Stop and every Payson business abide by existing and newly proposed noise ordinances. The next Door Stop may be appearing near your door or right outside your window, sooner than you think.

Russ Hustead, Cynthia Hustead, Payson

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