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Re: Kuenzli shooting

I have been reading about the shooting in your town regarding the hiker with his dogs. If this "teacher" goes unpunished for this act of violence then there is something very wrong with our justice system. To just shoot someone because you "thought" they were a threat is horrid. If we all shot someone because we "think" they are a threat then there is going to be a lot of unjustified deaths. I mean the dogs didn't even bite this man. Why didn't he just tell Grant Kuenzli to stop or he would shoot; then at least Grant could have called off the dogs. For a law enforcement agent to say this was justified -- I am just glad he is a detective in your city not mine. Please let justice be done and let this "teacher" serve time for killing an unarmed man who was just out walking the dogs ... such a sad story that never should have happened. I was for concealed weapons, but I am not so sure anymore.

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