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Q: I'd like to hear an assessment of the Spring Rodeo from the chief of police. Was there an unusual amount of trouble? How many traffic citations were given out and how does this amount compare with a non-rodeo weekend? I'd also like to know from the chief if the Payson Police Department did anything to improve the image of Payson being a community to avoid for rodeos and festivals because of the police department.

A: "It was a busy weekend," Chief Gordon Gartner said. "Every weekend, especially from here on out, is going to busy throughout the summer. It's hard to say whether or not if that's attributed to the rodeo or other activities. There are just a lot of activities every weekend. And there's a lot of people in town, which translates to a lot of business for us.

"Regarding image -- we try to maintain a safe community and we do that by effectively enforcing the DUI laws and by maintaining at least some semblance of order when it comes to traffic and other functions in the community. And we think that actually helps tourism.

"If you look at the traffic that comes into town on weekends, I think it's very plain that whatever the police department is doing has not had any kind of negative impact on the number of people that come up here. All of our stores are busy, our restaurants and bars are busy and that's what we want."

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