Best Commander In Chief, The Choice Is Obvious



Being the commander in chief of our nation is one of the most solemn and important duties of our president. If you want to know what John Kerry is really about when discussing and leading our military troops, just go to the website See how Kerry disparaged and gave comfort and aid to our enemy during a time of war. Listen to several highly decorated Vietnam prisoners of war tell their story. They averaged more than five years as tortured prisoners while Kerry lied about them. They are not worth a billion dollars like John Kerry (Democrats used to be the party for the poor!) so they can only tell their story via the Internet.

I am really concerned about the safety of our country and our way of life if Kerry is elected president. He even wrote a book in 1972 called New Soldier. Ask the Democrat Party how to get a copy of their candidates' book? You won't get it because Kerry has refused multiple offers to have it republished. He talks in it about murder training by our soldiers and how they are misfits. And the front cover has our American flag displayed upside down!

You must choose a commander in chief by what he has done, not by what he says. The fact that Osama bin Laden and terrorists from all over the globe have come out for the defeat of Bush is that they know Bush and his policies have hurt the terrorist movement. Kerry would give them aid and comfort, just like he did in 1971 when he went to Paris to secretly speak with the North Vietnamese.

You will do this country and yourself a service by voting for Bush on Tuesday.

Don Ascoli, Payson

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