Democrats Denounce Racist Flier



On Saturday, Oct. 23, the following letter was dropped throughout the neighborhoods of Payson.

"Immigration? Or Invasion? If current trends continue, whites will be a minority in this country within the next 50 years. Non-whites are turning America into a Third World Slum. They come for welfare or to take our jobs. They bring crime. Let's send them home now! National Alliance, an organization of whites who aren't afraid to speak up for our race."

The Gila County Democratic Party denounces this flier and the organization associated with it. We, the undersigned, and all of our candidates -- Sen. John Kerry and Sen. John Edwards, Stuart Starkey, Paul Babbitt, Cameron Udall, Jack Brown, Sheriff John Armer, Jim Whitely, and more -- concur that this type of message is damaging to the freedom and principles of the United States Constitution.

The question is: Do the Republicans running for office endorse this flier? We demand that they join with us and renounce this group of racist hate-mongers and these kinds of cowardly actions.

We look forward to an answer in the pages of this newspaper and on the campaign trail.

Mark Ernest Reza, Chairman, Gila County Democratic Party and friends

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