Kerry Supports Same Laws Police Do



In case you are not a gun nut like a couple of the recent letter writers, let me enlighten you on what kind of gun control Sen. Kerry supports: the same gun control that virtually all police departments and organizations do.

Another name for center-fire ammunition, which your letter writers fear a ban on, is "armor piercing" ammunition. The last time I was out in the woods, I didn't see any deer wearing flak jackets.ut the police wear them and they do not want to be shot at by armor-piercing shells that can go right through body armor if they can help it.
They also don't want to be shot at by automatic weapons or automatic shotguns. fully automatic weapon with a full clip, which is illegal to use for hunting anyway, is a terrifying thing to confront for policemen busting into a drug dealer's lair for instance.
The shotgun Sen. Kerry was carrying hunting would not be made illegal under any of the bills he voted on.he police emphatically support these very limited controls on certain weapons and a few gun nuts in Payson don't.'ll go with the police.

Another letter concerned the swift boat liars against Kerry and their recent book.y grandmother used to say "just because they say so, doesn't make it so."nd if Grandma were still here, God bless her soul, Bud Collette could do with a talk with her.he Army feels Kerry deserved his Purple Hearts and the men on Kerry's boat feel he deserved them, and no eye witness has ever come forth to dispute that he deserved his medals; but some guys who were not eye witnesses and have ties with extreme right wing loonies going back to Nixon write a book of lies, and Bud is ready to condemn Sen. Kerry.en. Kerry is obviously a war hero in any sense of the word and whether you vote for him or not, it is just not right to attack him in such a manner.
Craig Crane, Whispering Pines

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