Pepsi, Nfl Shoot Out Draws Big Numbers


One of the largest fields in the history of the Payson NFL Pepsi Punt Pass & Kick competitions turned out Oct. 26 at Rumsey Park for the annual gridiron showdown.

The field of 68 entrants had town recreation specialist Charlene Hunt scrambling.

"We didn't have enough entry forms. I had to go to the library to make more copies," she said.

What made the large turnout even more stirring was that it was held in cold, windy weather.

"We froze our noses off," Hunt said.

In the competition, the youngsters' distance and accuracy punting, passing, and kicking the football was measured and compiled into individual scores.

The top point producer on the day was Scott Andrus who competed in the 14-15-years-old division. His best effort of 307 points included 101 points in the kick, 129 in the pass, and 77 from the punt.

Other age group winners were Ryan Williams (12-13-years, boys, 216); Weston Gibson (10-11-years, boys, 257); James Price (8-9-years, boys, 170); McKenzie Creighton (8-9-years, girls, 61); Notasha Neilson (10-11-years, girls, 155); and Ashton Wolf (12-13-years, girls, 90).

Due to a mix up in scheduling dates, the Payson competition was held after the sectional event. So, the Payson winners are not eligible to advance.

More results

2004 Punt, Pass & Kick

8-9 Boys Division Total

Nielson, Bubba 166

Randall, Chance 163

England, Cain 156

10-11 Boys Division

Sleeper, Jake 236

Herring, Payson 222

Despain, Cade 187

12-13 Boys Division

Sloan, Josh 209

David, Jeremiah 209

Geske, Cameron 197

14-15 Boys Division

Andrus, Scott 307

Creighton, Nick 210

Gardner, Garrth 105

8-9 Girls Division

Wells, Kella 57

Cranford, Kayla 48

Parker, Alexandra 31

10-11 Girls Division

England, Trinity 123

Kelley, Summer 83

Perez, Perla 55

Wearne, McKenzie 38

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