What's Up?


Q: Are there any veterinarians in the Rim country who will make house calls to provide rabies shots to the pets of the elderly and disabled?

A: While four of the six area vets are willing to make house calls -- primarily for existing clients --t is something they don't promote. They cannot do it very often because of the time it takes away from their offices and care they must provide other animals.

Q: Friday nights, there is always a backup of traffic at the signal light at the casino, and not just on holidays. Couldn't we have a policeman directing traffic there?

A: Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department said having an officer directing traffic would probably decrease the flow, not increase it, because of the time it takes to get traffic stopped and turned, etc. Engler also said having an officer directing traffic is not the most prudent use of tax dollars.

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