Election Results: Renzi Returning To Washington




Congressman Rick Renzi (R) will continue to represent Arizona's first district in Washington, D.C.

Renzi won 133,939 votes, with 95 percent of the polls reporting, according to information from the Arizona Secretary of State's office. Democratic challenger Paul Babbitt received 80,934 votes, with 11,968 ballots cast for Libertarian John Crockett.

The incumbent outpolled Babbitt in every Congressional District One county, including Coconino County, where the Democrat has served since 1976. The difference was only 44 votes though.



Gila County will be represented in the Arizona Legislature by Jake Flake (R) in the senate and Jack Brown (D) and Bill Konopnicki (R) in the house.

Flake had 31,338 votes to Democratic challenger Cameron Udall's 25,589, with 100 percent of the polls reporting.

Konopnicki was given 30,903 votes and Brown had 25,380 ballots cast in his favor. Republican Sylvia Allen earned 24,840 votes.



Gila County's new supervisors-elect are Republican Tommie Cline Martin and Democrat Shirley Dawson.

Martin received 4,508 or 71 percent of the votes in District One to Democrat Jim Whitely's 1,813, or 29 percent. Dawson won 3,388 or 68 percent of the votes in District Three to Republican Bill Fogle's 1,553 or 31 percent.

Incumbent Supervisor Jose Sanchez (D) was unchallenged and received 4,088 votes.

Incumbent Gila County Sheriff John Armer (D) won with 9,269 votes (54 percent) to Republican challenger Kim Pound's 7,804 votes (46 percent).

Republican challenger Linda O'Dell unseated incumbent county school superintendent Armida Bittner by 8,725 (53 percent) to 7,873 (47 percent).

The Payson region's constable post was won by Republican Sam Brewer with 5,628 (66 percent). Democrat Roger Freeman had 2,950 votes (34 percent).

Winning college board posts were Ron Christensen, Larry Stephenson, Michael Pastor, Robert Ashford, and Bernadette Kniffin.

"One thing is certain, there was a terrific voter turn-out," said Jo Johnson, administrative assistant to Gila County District One Supervisor Ron Christensen, who was at the Payson Recorder's Office with Dixie Mundy, the county's director of elections.

Mundy said the turn-out was 67 percent. "It was pretty good, but we also had a higher registration," she said.

The county has 26,768 registered voters and 18,037 ballots were cast. Mundy said there are 578 provisional ballots to be verified and 2,663 additional early ballots to be counted. She said more than 5,000 early ballots were counted Oct. 30, but the remainder did not arrive until Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Gila County voters followed the national trend, casting more ballots for President George W. Bush, 10,494 or 59 percent, than for Sen. John Kerry, 7,107 or 40 percent.

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