Nightmare On Main Street



What a nice thing for the town of Payson and the local organizations to offer -- a safe and worry-free Halloween. Yeah right. Many residents would say at least there was a place to go.

There was a good turnout, but very poor planning and disorganization.

I took my son for what I was hoping would be a fun pre-Halloween night, and it turned out to be a real nightmare and waste of time.

We arrived at Green Valley Park at around 6 p.m. and got in line and waited ... two hours later, we got our ticket to get stamped for candy. But we still had to wait to start walking through the candy area. The closer we got to the candy givers and the lake, the colder it became, the more shivering children taking turns getting warm by the light generators, and the more you heard smaller children crying.

If Payson wants to make a special night for the children, I guarantee it is not fun for anyone to wait in 30-degree weather for two hours.

Many towns and cities, even smaller than ours, do special activities on holidays for children. Why can't Payson? In fact, not just Halloween, but all year. Why are there no civic or social organizations for our children, such as the YMCA, or a Boys and Girls Club? Why doesn't Payson have anything enjoyable, entertaining, or educational for our children? Not everyone is interested in high school sports, bingo on Friday nights, or the rodeo.

Does anyone wonder why there are so many children getting into trouble? We need to find something that gets under our children's skin and gets their motors running besides drugs and alcohol. We need to give those children who are not interested in mainstream activities, such as sports, an alternative such as music, art, or a million other creative opportunities. It all starts with the nightmare on Main Street. Standing in 30-degree weather for two hours, with no apparent organization, and no one in charge leaves a lot to be desired.

Boredom breeds trouble and closed eyes breed ignorance.

Laura Smith


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