The Election's Over -- Let's Go Shopping



The election is over and we know who will be our leader for the next four years, and now that it is November, the hectic holiday season is about to start.

I would imagine that there are many of you who have already started to make copious lists for shopping for gifts, and for the many festive meals that you will be a part of in some way, either cooking or baking.

Have you looked up your favorite holiday recipes yet?

Tonto Village Fire District

The first annual "spook house" was held at the fire station on Halloween Eve. The chief and his wife, Gloria, Rick and Sue Prach, and Phon and Dara Sutton helped to give the Village kids a good scare.

A mysterious chicken was visiting a few homes in the Village. I wonder who that was?

The costumed children were treated to a scary time along with hot chocolate, cider and lots of candy. Next year will be even better, so watch for the announcements next Halloween.

Adult costume winners

The adults of Tonto Village were not left out of all the fun dressing up with weird costumes and having a spooky good time. The Double D Restaurant held a Halloween party too, with prizes for the best costumes. The first prize award went to Vicki Hyer as the most sleazy, tacky and seedy of all, along with Betty Koutz, dressed as the Cat Woman. They shared the honor of first place. The second-place winners were also shared with the "Dancing Twins," and Jack and Chris dressed as a plug-in and a socket. Sorry we didn't get any last names, or pictures.

Bear Flat and Thompson Draw

The Forest Service has notified the residents of both areas that they are conducting a prescribed burn that started on Wednesday and may go until Saturday. The burn will be along the 405A road and near the Ponderosa Campground. Travelers and residents are urged to use caution when traveling along Highway 260. The smoke may restrict vision along the highway in some areas.


Clint and Grace Daniels of Tonto Village III celebrated 53 years of wedded bliss Nov. 2. I asked Grace if she had any advice to give to married couples and she said "take it one day at a time and pick your battles."

And I would add, "don't sweat the small stuff, it is not important." And the best advice of all, there should be lots of love, and learn to compromise.


A very important birthday took place Wednesday, Nov. 3 for Tony Bryan -- he turned 16. Tony is the grandson of Ethel and Danny Cain. A great big Happy Birthday to you, Tony.

Pool cues

Even though Sunday was Halloween, the weekly pool games were still held Sunday afternoon. Lorraine "Bo" Mathews of Tonto Village II, Tim Ehrhardt of Meads Ranch and Harvey Poyner of Tonto Village I were the top winners of the eight-ball tournament. Congratulations to the winners.

Tonto Village Chapel

Since the holiday season is rapidly approaching, it is time to be thinking of decorating the Village for Christmas. Volunteers are needed to help decorate the chapel, both inside and outside.

It is not too early to be setting aside some time and get yourself in the holiday mood by helping. Decorating will start around the first of December.

If you would like to help, call Connie Weldon at (928) 478-0914.

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