Sunday Poetry Corner


Roundup readers are invited to enjoy these poems submitted by local poets:

Morning on the Mogollon
(From a forthcoming selection of poems, "In the Shadow of the Rim" by Joan Lasys.)

The day is breaking nice and trim
The sun is waking up the Rim
The bass is jumping in the lake
A leaf falls in; the fish awake.

A harmonizing lullaby
From nightingale still in the sky;
A song of lark, one cannot see;
A shiver runs up poplar tree.

The sun as bright as orange rind
Pops up; while little tufts of wind
Swing spiders gently back and forth
And disappear to go up North.

A doe stands still, lets Bambi pass
To eat his fill of dew and grass;
While munching nuts beside a spruce
The squirrels share the morning news.

The eagle stands upon his crag
To stretch his wings, to watch a stag
Majestic, noble-birth to grave-
King of the Rim and never slave.

By Michaela Perry

They helped us fight the war,
They will not stand and let their country die,

They come in and open the door,
Let freedom stand,

There's nothing they cannot handle,
From ticking bombs to progressive tanks,

They just want to hear freedom ring,
From the Revolutionary to World War Two,

These brave men sacrificed everything for their country,
From the Marines to the Navy,

They deserve the name hero to everyone and everybody,
Thank you, and again thank you to our troops.

Musical Lyrics, Then and Now
By Joe Getling

When I was just a teen-age kid,
In the Forties, up to not long ago,
Songs had lyrics of love and hope,
And adore and care would flow.

I remember like "Love Me Tender,"
Or "I'll be Seeing You,"
Or "Sending a Big Bouquet of Roses,"
Songs with love through and through.

Nowadays they have these crazy tunes,
With words like "Sex" or "Lay,"
And sometimes they just mumble words;
You can't make out what they say.

Just give me the good old days;
I'd be happy and not be brash.
I sure am glad I grew up then,
To sing about love, not trash.

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