Be The Best We Can Be



I've got a date with an Angel.

An old song title from the 1940s. Gee, I'm glad I'm over 40 and had that date. We're married now 40 years. Well, it's great to remember those days and those attitudes ... but the world goes on.

Still, I got to wondering why this song title wouldn't make it today. Sure, we knew the reality of Freud, Kinsey, and Einstein, but we also dreamed better. Sorry to use better ... maybe lighter would be more accurate. I suspect men are always dreamers and the girls give us the more practical side of this ever-changing life. But, they still were angels. And, I'm sure they could be today.

What's changed? Not our children! My granddaughter Ellie is the sweetest angel you have ever seen. So are her friends. I have to think that this would be true across the world, we are all still OK while we're young. It must be the experience of living today that's causing the problem. Destroying the angels.

Well, being an American is under attack for sure by the rest of the world. They're so strident. So are we. Many of us seem to be imbued with a sense of self-righteousness of purpose. We find it hard to view the other person's view. We seem to have lost common sense. Tom Paine would have a tough time today.

Sometimes you have to stand back and say, "Let's take a look; let's review." Sen. Kerry hit that note in his last speech. Of course, it means looking at your position, too, Sen. Kerry. We are all a little too power-driven. We must go to war. We must abort our babies. We must support the world with donations. We must demand democracy for all. We must be the world police. We must support all forms of personal unions.

Maybe it's a real good time to step back and use some common sense to achieve a date with an angel. We have a pretty darn great country right here. If, we just concentrated on being the best people we can, maybe the angel would return.

Bob Breen, Payson

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