Community Health Fair A Blessing



I moved to Payson this summer from Staten Island, N.Y., and am becoming more and more impressed with "our" wonderful town.

Saturday, Nov. 6, I attended the Community Health Fair at the old gym. I had not planned to attend as I had tickets for Bashas' NASCAR Series race in Phoenix. Better judgment prevailed and I decided to go early and just walk through to get an idea of what it was about, and then leave for Phoenix.

Arriving just after the 8 a.m. opening I was surprised at the great turnout.

Despite my original intentions, I ended up staying a full two hours checking out the various tables.

The range of services was quite broad. I had blood drawn to check various levels and talked with a nutritionist who made several common sense and easily accomplished recommendations to reduce both blood pressure and cholesterol.

At other stations I was checked for lower extremity circulation, the amount of oxygen in my blood, a question I had, having recently relocated here from sea level, picked up ideas on preparing for disasters at the Red Cross table, signed an organ donor card, got a chiropractic screening, and ended the stay with a nice massage.

It was also good to see students from the community college nursing program involved in the health fair. They were professional, helpful and spoke highly of their program and faculty. It was clear they see their program as an entry into much-needed professions in the medical field.

The experience was a real blessing to me in a number of ways and I appreciate the various sponsors for such a fine contribution to the community.

I would encourage everyone in the area to take advantage of the next fair, which I understand will be next November.

Oh, and the NASCAR race was great fun and I really didn't miss a thing.

Gene Sampson, Payson

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