Give Us A Ride!



I first became interested in transportation seven years ago during extended hospital stays. Many employees often had to wait hours for spouses. These young people are struggling to pay high rent, and often child care costs. Subsequently, it's difficult to even keep a car running, let alone buy a new one. Ultimately, it hurts the employers scheduling help, who, through no fault of their own, need to get around this spread-out town. We encourage businesses to move to Payson.

Payson has a large retired population that wants the services they have been used to. Of course, they can afford several cars, or can take taxis.

Let us have compassion for our struggling work force. This wonderful town has built low-income housing.

I gathered the information from the transit district in Phoenix and studied other systems in towns our size. A transportation feasibility study is taking place.

A meeting on the study was held Tuesday, Oct. 26 at the town hall. I could not attend due to transportation.

The Senior Center is very excellent during the day, five days a week, but it doesn't have transportation weekends or evenings. We read of all the wonderful events on weekends. Church services are Sundays. Organizations often meet weekends and evenings, as does the council.

Talking with nursing assistants, I found they had worries about their daughters. If the middle school students have extracurricular activities, they miss the bus. You see them walking to their parents' places of work to visit until the parent gets off work.

We need a bus service running between all medical facilities. Low-income families cannot pay $90 for ambulances. I know, because I am low income. Schools and shopping centers need a bus line. Many are arrested for driving with no license. These people still must go to work every day. The congestion on the Beeline during weekends could be avoided by educating people to ride busses.

I urge all people with needs -- employers, workers and low-income people to make their voices heard. You are the life blood of Payson. Write letters.

Thank you.

Mary Gibson, Powell House-Payson

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