How Hard Is It To Hand Out Candy?



On Halloween night I had a nice time handing out candy to some adorable kids.Thank goodness I did, since the biggest majority of my neighbors did not.

We were all children once, and I for one, can remember the excitement waiting for dark to come so I could go out trick-or-treating.My parents would take me and my sister out and the biggest majority of our neighborhood would be ready with open arms to give us treats.When I became a mother, our family would carve the pumpkin together, and I would help my three girls get dressed and off we went.It was a great opportunity for a family fun night.

Unfortunately, many of my neighbors must have forgotten all of the fun they had as children and parents at Halloween.Would it kill them if one night a year, for a couple of hours, they give of themselves to allow our community's children to have the fun they once had?I watched as parents drove their children around looking for houses with their lights on to welcome the kids. In my neighborhood, only three houses out of 10 were lit up, and the majority of the dark houses had people in them watching television. How sad.

Was there some rational reason for the lack of interest? I doubt it.

Thank you, all you parents who took your spidermen, princesses, butterflies, ladybugs and assorted other scary munchkins out in the cold. I got to smile and laugh with you all, and remember "back when."

Cathy A. Warner, Payson

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