Letter Choices Attempt To Slant News



As you know, for the last seven or eight months, I have been submitting letters to you displaying facts about John Kerry and the Democratic Party that the citizens of this community needed to know prior to election. As Chairman of the Republican Party, I had an obligation to do that. The last letter that you printed was Sept. 17, 2004. Since then, I have submitted a letter to you in the third week of September and another one in the second week of October. When I met with you on October 13 to ask why you had not printed them, you told me that you had a policy of not printing more than one letter from any individual in any month, even though you had not followed that policy during the last five or six months. It was almost a month since the last letter, and I assumed that you would print at least one of the letters before the election. You did not!

As I awaited the printing of at least one of the letters, I noticed that you printed two letters from Mr. Reza, the democratic chairman, and one joint communication with Mr. Reza and Mr. O'Dell from Oct. 1 to election day. I don't find fault with that because I believe that if you should bend your rules at all, it should be for the chairmen of both political parties just before an election. However, the citizens of our community have not seen anything from me since September 17th because you did not print it. That is inexcusable! Our citizens might get the idea that you are attempting to slant the news in your own direction. We are interested in knowing why.

Don Castleman, Payson

(Editor's note: Due to an extremely high volume of letters from first-time writers during the election season, we did inform Mr. Castleman of the need to limit the frequency of his letters, which were numerous. We inadvertently failed to publish one letter in the time frame established. We assured him this was simply an oversight and not a conspiracy to promote one political party over another. We apologize again for this oversight, but it was simply human error. The management of the Roundup is equally split between registered Democrats and Republicans.)

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