Regarding Trunk Or Treat



Here are the facts:

1. There was less candy to go around this year due to a budget cut.

2. Trunk or Treat was held in the same location as last year.

3. There were substantially more kids, approximately 1,100 plus the adults who brought them, at Trunk or Treat this year.

4. A lot of hard work was put into organizing this event by recreation staff as well as volunteer trunk participants to assure that all kids aged 12 and under would be equally served.

5. There are residents here who have expressly moved to this town because of the small-town, friendly atmosphere and the extensive services that the town of Payson provides. There are many towns comparable to Payson who do not have anywhere near as many recreational services as this town.

6. It is impossible to please everyone all of the time. We seek to maintain a high level of service and a variety of recreational programs at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer.

7. Anyone with constructive ideas on how to build a greater recreational foundation with the resources we have available has always been encouraged to call us or visit our office, which is located at the same place where Trunk or Treat was held.

Signed, Your Recreation Department, Payson

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