Does Castleman Realize His Side Won?



Someone should tell Don Castleman that his message (mostly misrepresentations about Kerry)id get through, in spite of the omission of a letter in October to the Roundup. He apparently doesn't realize his side won.

By the way, I appreciate the effort obviously made by the Roundup staff to publish a balanced number of letters during the last few months of the election campaign. I read every one of them. Many different viewpoints were presented that I believe represented pretty fairly the thinking of the general population of this area. So many new voices being heard was refreshing.

In the final weeks, the Roundup made room on two or more pagesn each issue to accommodate the letters from readers.
Why does Mr. Castleman assume that the chairman ofither political party should carry more weight and be given more press than anyone else?

And now that the dust has settled, I'm waiting for all those campaign promises that are supposed to solve all our problems to be fulfilled.

Vivian Taylor, Payson

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