Hearing The Voice Of Freedom


Thursday, I attended the community Veterans Day event called "America's Veterans: Past, Present and Future."

I was touched by the words and expressions of good men and women who have served our country and know the true cost of freedom. But what impressed me the most were the contributions of our young people.


Carina Peters performs her vignette "What's It All For?"

We heard the voice of freedom in songs by the Payson High School choir. We were taken to the battlefield and touched by the tender thoughts of soldiers writing home as performed by members of the high school drama department. Civil Air Patrol Cadets presented the colors with dignity and honor.

As I left the high school auditorium, I walked past the audience of about 100 people and thought how sad it was that these seats were not filled to capacity. The Spirit of America was in that auditorium Thursday morning and I am grateful that some of our brightest young people were there to feel it.

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