Marines Celebrate In Grand Fashion



Once again, the Payson Marines celebrated the anniversary of the Marine Corps in grand fashion.

As arines prepare for yet another historical battle in Iraq,ormer Marines and local citizensathered to remember past accomplishments of the Corpsnd pray for those about to enter combat in a far land for our country and freedom.
Although the official birthday anniversary of the Corps is on the 10th of November, the local chapter of the Marine Corps celebrated the event this past Saturday at the Mazatzal Casino.

The more than 130 attendees at the Mazatzal Casino were treated to an outstanding dinner, spectacular cake-cutting ceremony, fun raffles, and an evening of superb entertainment, highlighted by solo guitarist "Caleb," Joe Miracle of the band Junction 87 and the "Beeliners Barber Shop Quartet."

The sell-out crowd witnessed an outstanding community event, which began a month ago dedicated to honoring our veterans, past and present.This was a first-class event dedicated to remembering and appreciating our nation's Marines and honoring all veterans and American patriots.

Well done, Marines. Well done, Payson.

Bill Sahno, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

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