Witnesses Stop Driver From Fleeing Accident Scene


A 17-year-old male with no driver's license hit and injured a motorcyclist on Highway 260 west of Star Valley Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said the motorcyclist, Tony Shields, 28, Payson, was slowing down to turn into Payson Concrete and Materials, where he is employed. The 17-year-old driver of a white Oldsmobile with four other teenage passengers, struck Shields from behind, throwing him off the motorcycle.


Payson police officer Ben Moss examines the accident scene Tuesday. The driver of this motorcycle was hit from behind by an unlicensed motorist.

Payson Concrete employee Deanna Hale said about a dozen witnesses saw the driver and four teenaged passengers attempt to leave the scene, but several employees of the business hindered their alleged evasion.

Payson Police Sgt. Donny Garvin said that although Shields was wearing a helmet, he suffered a head injury.

Shields was flown to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn where hospital officials said his injuries were not life threatening.

Shields' wife, Stephanie, said he suffered a severe concussion and multiple abrasions and bruises, and is now recovering at home.

Several witnesses at Payson Concrete reported to police that the driver attempted to leave the scene of the accident by driving through the factory yard to a rear entrance, but was cut off by employees driving large loaders and trucks, who had seen the accident. Payson Concrete employee Kim Turney said the driver and a female passenger switched places and three of the passengers got out of the car and started running east.

Turney said she saw the car trying to leave.

"The white car pulled in our gate and tried to get out through the back entrance," Turney said. "One of the truck drivers saw them hit (Shields) and try to leave so they hollered on the (radio) and our loader operator slid in front of them and stopped them. That's when they got out and switched drivers."

Hale said that when the driver switched places with a female passenger, three other occupants jumped out of the car and began running toward Star Valley.

Hale made the 911 call and told the dispatcher that it was a hit-and-run accident.

Turney said the female passenger who took the wheel turned the car around and headed toward a steep embankment leading to Highway 260.

"She saw that they couldn't make that and another truck came around the corner and headed them off," Turney said. "They were escorted back (to the scene) by one of our drivers."

Hale said other Payson Concrete truck drivers caught the other three suspects and led them back to the scene.

Phone calls and statements from witnesses prompted the Payson Police Department to pursue a charge of leaving the scene of an injury accident.

"We developed information that they were, in fact, trying to leave," Lt. Don Engler said. "We have referred the case to the county attorney."

Engler said the driver also was cited for having no driver's license, no insurance and failure to control his speed to avoid a collision.

The boy's father, Ventura Carbajal-Castillo, 39, of Payson, was cited for allowing an unauthorized minor to drive his car.

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