About That Nightmare



Re: Nightmare on Main Street and the Recreation Department -- you seemed to have either missed my point, or actually made it for me.

You stated there was less candy to go around, which was not my point at all. The "budget cuts" was my point.

I realize Trunk or Treat was held in the same location, but I do know that when it was held at Rumsey Park it was better organized and we were not made to stand and wait in freezing temperatures for a card to be punched.

I stated it was not well organized, and your response was there were more kids than last year. Payson is growing, of course there are more people.

I don't doubt there was a lot of hard work involved and it was a nice "gesture." I have lived in this town for almost 15 years, and I moved here for the small town. But I didn't think that involved having no culture or educational benefits.

Your website states: "The goal of Payson Parks & Recreation is to provide recreational and cultural activities for the community." If this is indeed your motto, then why were my words taken so hurtfully? Let me assure you there are plenty here that feel very much the same way.

Lastly, you asked for more constructive ideas. Here are some suggestions for the members of the community who do not participate in sports or the rodeo: centers for recreation, activities and learning, events to showcase teen musicians, artists, skateboarding or riding bikes, youth to adult programs in art, biking, drawing, fitness, dance, and cultural diversity.

If you would like additional ideas, why don't you check out Flagstaff's recreation department, they have some terrific educational opportunities. http://www.flagstaff.az.gov/

And lastly, Mrs. Pederson, do you even live here? Were you present the night of Trunk or Treat, or were you in Washington? If I had money, believe me, I would try and assist in some way, but I am one of the many here who are trying to survive on a low-paying job, going to school full time, a single mother of a 4-year-old, and I volunteer my time when I can. What more can I do except write letter to the paper?

I want something more for this town and I always have. Maybe you can lend us a hand from Vancouver.

Laura Smith, Payson

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