Few Bad Apples Spoil Halloween For All



It is very hard to hand out more than $500 worth of candy to trick-or-treaters who are not from our neighborhood or community. They are driven in from other areas to the "rich peoples' homes." We are mostly retired families on fixed incomes. We have been (sworn at) for running out of candy, told we should have bought more after we'd passed out 8-11 bags, vandalized, egged, paint-balled, decorations stolen or destroyed -- so we just said "No", no more.

We all love Halloween and miss and remember the fun and magic we use to look forward to and enjoy way back when.

Now we have to turn off the lights to survive Halloween in Payson. Not by choice, but because of the attitude of those parents of out-of-control children.

Since the parents, police and ourselves can't control the situation, we'll sadly just say "No" and turn out the lights.

Nancy Olson, Payson

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