Self-Taught Mural Artist Planning To Travel World



Miles Gaehler, a self-taught artist, moved to Payson a year ago to recover from a serious illness -- a blood clot in his lung. Throughout his recovery, Gaehler has been involved in Rim country's arts community, and works locally painting commercial and residential murals. Gaehler's recent projects include paintings for Rim Country Lanes.

A mural by Gaehler is a unique holiday gift. He is available to paint ceilings, walls and children's rooms. Gaehler also provides his talent to local businesses by creating holiday-themed window murals.


Miles Gaehler

Gaehler is one of the few who makes a living off his passion.

"I'd demonstrate my work during my breaks and lunch and I started getting so many orders I was making more money from my art than I was from my job," Gaehler said.

Art has not been his solitary endeavor though, he and several friends had a newspaper for a few years in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Still, art is his first love and his future.

"I'd like to start a school," Gaehler said. "Everything in life is art. I'd like to create a place where people could live and learn the arts, whether it's public speaking or the culinary arts. I want to show people how they can apply the arts in life."

Gaehler's immediate goal is a trip around the world. He has been planning, saving money and gathering materials since 1995. He looks forward to starting his journey next summer, and during his travels he believes the pieces for his school will come together.

"If people realize you're level-headed and know what you're doing, opportunities will open to you," he said.

Gaehler is staying at Ponderosa Manor while he recovers from his illness. He added that he is very grateful for all the help he has received from the people there.

To contact Gaehler about a mural or holiday window painting, call (928) 200-0268.


Name: Miles Gaehler

Occupation: mural painter

Employer: self, for 22 years

Age: 41

Birthplace: Switzerland

Family: several relatives in Mesa

Personal motto: Have brush will travel

Inspiration: Leonardo da Vinci

Greatest feat: published a newspaper for three years in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Hiking and fishing

Three words that describe me best are ... loyal, persevering, honest

I don't want to brag but ... I can paint anything anyone wants in a painting or mural, I can make any dream or vision a reality.

The person in history I'd most like to meet is: Benjamin Franklin or Michelangelo

Luxury defined: Slow motion time and peace of mind

Dream vacation spot: Tahiti

Why Payson? I came to visit family and found a beautiful sanctuary.

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