Treatment Hard To 'Get Over'



This letter is in response to Fred Carpenter's statement that the people from Payson Humane Society are going to have to "get over" our reluctance to build on leased land. My first question to Mr. Carpenter is: "Are you leasing the land you built your home on? How about the rest of the council? Have any of them built their homes on leased land?"

His statement that if they did pull out on us they would buy us out. Well, that's very thoughtful of you, Mr. Carpenter, but where would that leave the lost and abandoned animals of this area? Yes, I understand that most of us will most likely no longer be involved years down the road, but sadly there will probably still be homeless animals. And whatever we put in place needs to be a permanent investment in their future.

We are struggling to grow with the overwhelming problem in this area by encouraging spay and neuter programs and responsible ownership but, at this point, I have to say there is no end in sight. We are not asking the city to give us anything. We will raise the money needed to build through fund-raisers and grants. We are just asking for a little help in finding the right place -- a place with enough room for our dogs to have a play yard, as well as the number of parking spots the city says we have to have, and a building large enough to humanely house the animals. And when it wears out, we can use it as capital to move forward. I guess what I'm trying to say is I, for one, am having trouble "getting over" the treatment our organization has received from our Town Council.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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