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Re: No charges for ex-officer

I read the article concerning (Rich Mack) and his actions. He certainly sounds unstable. What kind of nuts do you have there? Including your prosecutor. Mack at the very least should have been permanently disarmed and I am pro second amendment.

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  • Looks like ex-officer Mack broke many laws: threatening and intimidating, saying he's an officer of the law, holding people without their permission, following them home, to name only a few. What about his weapon, did he carry it in a holster, or was it concealed? Did he have a (concealed weapons permit) if concealed? This guy's dangerous.

Re: Barb Brenke article

This is a great article about Barb (Brenke)! She certainly deserves the recognition, and the homeless animals also deserve the "plug." We appreciate all that the Roundup does do for the homeless animals.

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