Village Has Building Boom



The days in the village have been ideal. The mornings are crisp and the afternoons are warm.

Since I walk just about every day around the village, I have noticed that we have had a small building boom. For instance, on lot No. 101, Grant and Marie Coley are expanding their living space by adding a second floor to their home, and on lot No. 103, Rudy Amaya is building a wonderful covered deck to his home.

On lot No. 33, the McGills are adding more living space to their vacation home. New corrals were put in behind lot No. 93. Shelby School has enclosed the building on lot No. 82, and I understand that it will become a cafeteria for the students. On lot No. 167, Roy and Marge Tolby have completed the siding on their new home. Pat and Alice Andreas are busy erecting a new garage on lot No. 217. There have been new houses built on lot No. 241, Chris and Linda Barkley, and lot No. 253, Nick and Gayle Fitch, in Tonto Village III. Lot No. 77 replaced the wood on the porch and stairs, and it looks sharp.

Tonto Village Fire District

There will be a fire board meeting at 10 a.m., Nov. 20 at the fire station. The newly elected board members --loria Alliger and Gayle Fitch --ill be on hand to be introduced to the public.

Chief J.R. Alliger stresses the need to have your chimneys inspected and cleaned for the winter season. The past winter seasons have shown that the fires that have occurred have mainly come from chimney fires. Be on the safe side and have the chimneys cleaned, especially if you will be burning any amount of pine wood. Pine produces the most amount of creosote or pine tar that can easily catch fire if the flue becomes too hot.

Alliger also stresses the need to call the fire station if you intend to burn leaves. The information will be relayed to the fire tower on Diamond Point. Otherwise, no one would know if the smoke is from a forest fire or a home burning.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The birthday list has been short for the past few weeks, but there are a few.

Maurine Kirchhoefer, Tonto Village III, and an avid domino player, will celebrate her big day on Nov. 19. Jimmy "Rabbit" Stephenson will add another candle to his cake on Nov. 21.

Michelle Grundy will celebrate her day on Nov 24. Michelle is part of the Tuesday ladies pool tournament and hails from Christopher Creek. Michelle was lucky this past Tuesday and took first place. Candy Hart shot for second and Lorraine Mathews took third.

On Sunday, the guys ruled. Tim Ehrhardt and Tony Urrea dominated the pool tables. They start play at 3 p.m. every Sunday if you would like to join in and challenge the winners.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and I want to wish all my readers a wonderful happy Thanksgiving. I hope the day is filled with love, family and good friends and lots of great food. I especially want to thank all the soldiers who are fighting in Iraq for our freedom and to help keep terrorism from hitting too close to home. I will be saying a special prayer for all of them.

Thought for the day

You read about all those terrorists. Most of them came here legally, but they hung around on those expired visas, some for as long as 15 years. Now, compare that to Blockbuster; if you are two days late with a video those people are all over you. Let's put Blockbuster in charge of immigration.

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