Surprises Await In Every Nook And Cranny


Stepping into the Pine Creek Collection is something like a visit to the home of a storied, distant relative. The surprises to see in every nook and cranny almost have you holding your breath in excitement.

That excitement is heightened by the sensation that the shop goes on forever. There are several rooms strung together and all nearly bursting at the seams with a unique combination of art, antiques and home decor items, plus special extras like gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets -- including cutting boards and copper bowls -- soaps and candles.


Rex Astle, and his wife, Kristen, invite Rim residents to visit The Pine Creek Collection, 4069 N. Highway 87, Pine. The store offers Christmas ornaments and decor items; pottery and stained glass; and antiques.

And for a few weeks, there are all kinds of Christmas ornaments too.

Rex and Kristen Astle opened The Pine Creek Collection Memorial Day Weekend at 4069 N. Highway 87, next to the Baptist Church in Pine.

The structure housing Pine Creek is full of history too; it has been a home as well as several different businesses.

"The original cabin was built at the turn of the century," Astle said. "Then the people who lived here just kept adding on. The last part added was in the 1960s and was an auto shop."

More recently it was Myra's Gallery, which has since moved to a new location in Pine.

Astle said they will be expanding the business into the old shop area, which is currently used for storage. The structure, which is just a shell, has to be finished first.

With a background in architecture and land development, Astle is more than up to the task.

Having an antique store was a dream the couple had for their retirement, and they have been accumulating antiques for years to achieve that dream, Astle said.

"But after renting space at Tymeless Antiques and Treasures, I found running an antique shop is not something you retire at," he said. "So, we decided to jump in now."

The oldest piece in The Pine Creek Collection is from 1772 Sweden -- a flat board with a handle that was used to press wet clothes, Astle said.

Another piece is a piano, complete with attached candleholders, displayed in the front room of the shop. There also is a vanity and armoire set from the 1920s.

The Astles carry a wide selection of dressers, tables and display cabinets among their antiques.

Art offered by Pine Creek is from numerous local artists working in a wide array of media. The Astles carry works from six jewelers, five potters, four photographers, three woodworkers, three painters, two gourd artists, a dried floral designer and a weaver who makes both Nantucket-style baskets and wall art.

The shop also has fused glass and stained glass pieces, including lamps.

"Since this used to be an art gallery, we felt it would be a good combination, antiques and art," Astle said. "It seems to have gone over well. People have told us it's a very welcoming place."

Rex and Kristen have lived in Pine for a couple of years. They followed Kristen's best friend from junior high school to the community.

The Astles lived in Salt Lake City prior to their move to the Rim country.

The Pine Creek Collection is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday through Monday. The Friday after Thanksgiving, the Astles will have refreshments for their guests and also will be offering gift certificates and a wish list registry for the holidays.

For more information, call (928) 476-5800.

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