Arafat Made No Sacrifice



This missal is a tongue-in-cheek response to reporter Kelly Crowley's blatantly biased portrayal of Yasser Arafat, hidden in just enough facts embellished by some gross numerical exaggerations to exonerate an otherwise abominable terrorist personality whose departure from this planet is a blessing to the Palestinian population at large.

A person who withholds from the Palestinian population and socks away $4 billion does not fit the characterization of one who is "sacrificing" for his people as the reporter claims. Yasser makes Ken Lay of Enron look like a neophyte at best.

A true champion for peace does not indulge in indiscriminate murder of innocent victims (like the invalid wheelchair-bound man aboard ship and the young American sailor aboard a commercial aircraft) neither of whom had any connection to Palestine.

When you rely on CNN (Clinton News Network) for your facts, you will not get the full story or truth. The truth is, and I give former President Clinton credit for this effort, that Yasser Arafat reneged on the peace accord brokered between himself (representing the Palestinian population) and Israel by then President Clinton. This was an accord which ceded to Yasser every condition he professed to want. When Yasser returned to his homeland, he rejected the accord. Why? Because he was a terrorist at heart, who believed the only solution is the eradication of the State of Israel, not co-existence as a sister-state. He had to reject the accord to be true to himself and his cause. And, of course, Yasser was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for rejecting a bona fide opportunity for peace for his fellow Palestinians. What's wrong with this picture?

As always, I thoroughly enjoy reading the Payson Roundup. You are continually adding enhancements to your paper and staff. The idea of adding an "embedded" Al Jazerra reporter was quite a surprise and made for some stimulating and thought-provoking reading. Kudos!

Dave Noe, Star Valley

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