Arafat, The Poisoner



The editorial in the Nov.16 edition of the Roundup extols Yasser Arafat, who "spent his whole life sacrificing and fighting for the rights of his people."

This statement is refuted by Charles Krauthammer in The Arizona Republic (11-16-04) entitled "Arafat's only legacy is poison." Arafat never wanted peace with Israel, but rather, according to Krauthammer, "His objective then (in 1959), and until the day he died, was a Palestinian state built on the ruins of Israel."

It's pretty tough to deal with someone whose sole desire is to destroy you. Arafat's hatred infects his people and brings them only poverty, misery, and death. Don't blame Israel or Sharon for fighting for the lives of the Israelis and for the survival of their small and valiant nation, a lonely democracy in the midst of enemies.

Charlotte Casey, Payson

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