Parks Programs Are Great



It is amazing how wonderful it is to reminisce. I was just remembering the first week that we moved to Payson some years ago.

We moved here the last week of October and were invited to some weird function at the park. It was called Trunk or Treat. I could not believe how wonderful it was. I certainly could not believe that it was free. Things like this cost a small fortune for a family of four in Phoenix. Two months later, we were invited to a magic show at the high school. I can't remember if it had an admission price, but it couldn't have been much since we were a young family and money was tight. A couple of weeks later we went to the light parade on Main Street. It was so exciting to replace our normal very crowded Central Avenue Light Parade with a smaller less stressful tradition in our new home of Payson.

The good times just kept coming. The following March my children thoroughly enjoyed Easter Saturday at the park. I couldn't believe the activities and the prizes, they were amazing!

In May we were told about Tee Ball for our young son. I believe that the enrollment fee was $15, then came soccer, wrestling, tumbling, basketball and I could go on and on.

I have always found the staff at parks and recreation absolutely fabulous. Long story short, I am appalled that people keep putting down our programs that we have in Payson.

Having worked in Phoenix at the parks, recreation and library departments, I know what goes into these programs and the planning that goes along with it. I have to say that I cannot believe that programs of such great quality are offered in such a small town. The programs put on in the Valley don't even compare.

I am proud of our little town and what we have to offer our community. Keep up the great work. You aren't thanked often enough, so thank you!

Marlene Armstrong, Payson

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