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Is Pine School really making the grade?

I was amazed and shocked to read the article in the paper about Pine school. The staff at Pine school is exceptional, and a lot of them deserve a pat on the back for all of their hard work and dedication.

But, I'm sure that several people questioned the contents of the article the same as I did. It is obvious that many people do not agree that Pine school is making the grade and that there is a definite need for improvement based on the voter turn out to vote in a new school board.

Based on the AIMS mean scale scores for the eighth-graders last year, the school actually failed our students because they did not meet the standards in math, reading, or writing. The third graders were barely over the standard. Not a great indicator of high performance.

We are also failing our students by not supporting the staff. They have been experiencing a pay decrease for the last three years. Their pay has been frozen, but the school year continued to gain a day.

Now that the community has shown a need for change by voting, they need to attend board meetings, write their board members or contact Linda O'Dell, the new superintendent of schools for Gila County.

Find out how Pine school could run efficiently and more financially stable without a superintendent. Why have staff and community members decided to withdraw their kids from Pine school and transfer them to the Payson school district? Why have so many staff members chosen to leave Pine school? Why has enrollment dropped to 148 students?

These are definite indicators that something needs to be done. It is time for more changes, so please get involved and help make Pine School the great school it once was.

Heidi D'Arcangelo, Payson

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