Article Was Shocking And Informative



As a taxpayer, I found reporter Kelly Crowley's article (Roundup, Nov. 19) on the antics of Rim Country Middle School Principal Frank Larby to be shocking, but also very informative. Thank you for bringing this story to our attention. I believe that Crowley's article should be read by everyone in Payson.

It's disheartening to think that someone with Principal Larby's attitude has risen to a position of trust in our school system. Without Crowley's article, we might never have heard of this important incident.

Conversely, it is makes me proud to have such conscientious people working for us as MVD supervisor Karen Burback and MVD examiner Deborah Swenson. These two women do justice to their profession and are very beneficial to our town. Thanks to both of them for their fortitude and common sense.

R.L. Green, Payson

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