Had Your Fill Of Turkey Yet?



The abundance of food is overwhelming, isn't it? I love this time of year: the crispness of the days, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, having a warm and cozy feeling, and smelling the turkey roasting and the pumpkin pies baking. The smell of the spices are wonderful. I hope that feeling and those great smells lasts until after New Years.

Have you had your fill of turkey yet? I imagine that you have looked up countless recipes for leftovers, trying to decided what your family will eat.

Now it is the time for cookie baking and exchanging with your friends. I know I have looked at dozens of cookie recipes and have tried to decide which one I want to bake. This year, the Tonto Village Ladies Domino Group will exchange cookies and recipes at 1 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 4, at the Tonto Village Chapel.

Tonto Village Fire District

The fire board held its monthly meeting last Saturday morning with the newly elected board members in attendance. They are Gloria Alliger and Gayle Fitch. Welcome aboard ladies, we are looking forward to working with you through your term in office.

The meeting was mostly routine except for a letter that was read from Jerry Smith of Thompson Draw II. The Thompson Draw Association is requesting that the fire truck that is parked there be removed and sent back to Tonto Village. The association voted 10 to 28 against the construction of a structure to house the fire truck. The association decided that the extra protection of the truck was not needed.


Even though Michelle Grundy does not live in the Village, she does spend every other Tuesday here playing pool with the Tonto Village gals. She had her big day on Nov. 24.

Todd Orr, son of Marge and Roy Tolby of Tonto Village III, and Amanda Alspaugh, granddaughter of Danny and Ethel Cain, celebrated their birthdays on Thanksgiving Day. What a grand time to have a birthday, with lots of food and family around.

Jeff Leonard, of Tonto Village III will celebrate his birthday on Nov. 28. Happy birthday to all of you.

Pool cues

The ladies took over the pool tables on Tuesday evening at the Double D. The winners were Lorraine "Bo" Mathews, Suzie Shill, and Vickie Myers. The gals toasted their goodbyes to Candy Hart and wished her bon voyage to Buffalo, N.Y.

On Sunday afternoon, the competition heated up with James (didn't get a last name) taking first place. Vance Myers and Betty Koutz shot for second and third places. If you would like to spend an afternoon testing your skill against the winners, be there by 3 p.m.

Tonto Village Chapel

Decorating the chapel inside and out will be at 10 a.m., Dec. 1. If you have any extra decorations, bring them along. Call Connie Weldon at (928) 478-0914 or Pat Watson at (928) 478-4218 if you need more information.

There was a lot of commotion at the Coley house, lot No. 101, this past Tuesday. Their roof was literally raised! A giant crane filled the cul-de-sac and took the roof off in pieces.

On Wednesday, the trusses were being hammered in place for a new roof. So far, there is no roof.

Gary Martin is the head honcho of the project. Phyllis Mullen, who lives right next door, is taking pictures for the Coleys. She's been documenting the tearing down and rebuilding.

Good luck to all the workers. We will all keep our fingers crossed and we hope that there won't be any precipitation until the roof is in place.

Two corrections:

Correction on the fire tower. I was informed that at this time of year, the tower is not manned. I apologize to my readers for that bit of misinformation.

I also made an error with the lot number for the building for Shelby School cafeteria.

The number should have said lot No. 14.

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