Heaven Bound Plumbing Promises Divine Service


A call for service from A Heaven Bound Plumbing Co. will bring 22 years of experience to your door.

Michael Jones began plumbing 18 years ago in Tennessee. Five years ago, he and his wife, Bridget, opened their own company in Mesa. This summer, they started A Heaven Bound Plumbing Co. in Payson.


Michael and Bridget Jones opened A Heaven Bound Plumbing Co. in the Rim country in July. For the past five years, they have had a similar business in Mesa, serving the east Valley.

"We built our business in Mesa with reliability, promptness and good customer service," Bridget said. She said they will be on a job when they say they'll be there and if they are going to be late, the customer will be called.

They offer free estimates on jobs and provide discounts on their work to senior citizens.

A Heaven Bound Plumbing Co. will do all types of repairs and can install water heaters, water softeners and dishwashers.

"Customers should ask Michael about our hot water recirculation units and reverse osmosis drinking water systems," Bridget said. The hot water recirculation units are installed on water tanks and make it possible to get hot water immediately from any tap in your house, she explained.

Michael is still splitting his time between the business in Mesa and the new operation in the Rim country. He is grooming someone to take over the Valley business so he can be in Payson full time and build up the company.

Bridget said there is nothing Michael would rather do than plumbing. "He loves the work," she said. "He started with a water utility company when he was still in high school and picked up the skills."

Although Michael and Bridget have only been open since July, they have already decided the biggest benefit of doing business in Payson is the close proximity of everything. While their Mesa business serves only the east Valley, there is a lot of territory to cover between jobs and plumbing supply outlets.

So far, the biggest challenge for the business in Payson has been getting established.

"But we're very confident we will do well here because of Michael's good work and dependable service," Bridget said.

Michael and Bridget have been wanting to move to Payson for a long time. They love the area and thought it would be a nice place to live with the clean air and mountains.

To reach A Heaven Bound Plumbing, call (928) 468-6374.

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