Help Support Pine Community Center



What is CERCA? Community Educational, Recreational and Civic Association of Pine and Strawberry.

This small, yet dedicated, association is responsible for raising funds to maintain our community center, both the buildings and the grounds.

Located in the center of Pine are the museum, cultural hall, senior center, senior thrift shop and Kiwanis building. These organizations all pay rent, but we need much more help financially.

Each historical building needs constant care and upgrading, plus the ramada and children's play area are maintained weekly.

CERCA mailed out membership requests to all residents of Pine and Strawberry, and would very much appreciate your donation of $20, whether you are a resident or business, we all want the center of town to be in decent condition.

Please help by sending in this small amount -- you won't be pressured to participate in anything else (unless you want to)!

Ginger Jeffers, Pine

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