Celebrate Religious Diversity



Joanne Chilcoat ofayson wrote Tuesday about the postage stamp honoring the Muslim holidays, "To buy this stamp would indeed be a slap in the face ... All Americans should boycott this stamp."

While Ms. Chilcoat is certainly entitled to her opinion, it's too bad that theoundup would stoop to publish such discriminatory trash.

Characterizing all Muslims as terroristss analogous tohe idea that all Japanese are criminals because they bombed Pearl Harbor; all Blacks are arsonists because they set fire to Watts; all Germans are killers because they exterminated millions of Jews; all members of the National Guard are murderers because they killed college students; all Indians are butchers because they dispatched Custer; all police are brutes because they beat Rodney King.

Perhaps Ms. Chilcoat should avoidotelsndonvenience stores for fear that their ownersight beuslimsaiting to seek retribution for suchbsurd bigotry.

We should celebrate the fact that the vast majority of Muslims world-widehare theame basic teachingsf all faiths.
Ted Thayer, Globe

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