Rcms Fund-Raiser Nets $12,000

Proceeds benefit extracurricular activities fund


Extracurricular activities at Rim Country Middle School received a financial boost from a student council holiday fund-raiser that sold more than $27,000 in merchandise.

According to RCMS student council sponsor Vic Caballero, the profits of the sale, about 45 percent or $12,000, will be used to fill the needs of all school activities including athletics, band and service clubs.


Rim Country Middle School eighth-grade math teacher Nicole Ward motivated her students to sell more than $3,000 worth of merchandise at a holiday fund-raiser. The money will fund extracurricular activities at the school.

During the fund-raiser, classes at the school competed to earn the most money and win a pizza party.

When the totals were calculated, Nicole Ward's eighth-grade algebra class was the winner with sales of $3,364.49. Jennifer White's class finished second with $2,526.60 and Ginger Sparks' sixth-graders sold $1,945.25.

According to Ward, her students set a goal of earning more than $3,000 at beginning of the program.

"We were told that's what it would take to buy uniforms for one (sports) team and that's what we wanted to do," she said. "Basically the kids outfitted a team by themselves."

Ward also was impressed with the dedication the students showed throughout the campaign.

"It really mattered to them. They wanted to (earn the money for uniforms)," she said.

Kayla O'Donnell, a student in Ward's room, marveled at her classmate's commitment.

"They all did a great job. I'm very proud of everyone in this class," she said. "Thank you to everyone who supports us, they were great."

"We want to thank parents, teachers, students and the community for supporting us, " Caballero said.

The holiday items the students sold, which included gift wrap, candles, candy, ornaments and decorations, will be delivered between Nov. 30 and Dec. 15.

Other upcoming fund-raisers the RCMS student council has on the agenda include a donut sale, yard sale, Sadie Hawkins dance and a winter dance.

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